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Das Farbbuch



A sampling…

… and overview of printed matter produced during the past twenty years under my leadership and guidance. To this date, I have been responsible for the appearance of roughly 2,000 publications (books, journals, newspapers, catalogues, etc.) as the leading editor. As dramaturge of the Salzburg Festival alone, I oversaw 100 to 150 publications every season (a total volume of about 5,000 pages) – including their iconographic treatment and concept of content. – Naturally, the conception of the program books took place in close cooperation with the artists involved, whether these were authors like Christoph Ransmayr, composers like György Ligeti and Wolfgang Rihm, or stage directors like Peter Sellars, as well as visual artists and photographers, including Nan Goldin, Stefanie Schneider, Bae Bien-U, Jonathan Meese and others. Furthermore, such renowned artists like Cy Twombly, Gerhard Richter and Stephan Balkenhol gave their permission to reprint cycles of their works. 



Margarethe Lasinger
Consulting Editor & Arts Management

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