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Decoding Scripture & Picture

Letters and words, numbers and codes, signs and symbols — since the avant-garde movements in the 20th Century, texts and fragments of scriptures have been used in manifold ways as a form of artistic expression in paintings, graphics, collages, sculptures and installations. How words become visualized and how they serve as artistic practice is the central topic of this year’s exhibition during the Salzburg Festival at the Gallery Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg.

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Alfred Haberpointner – „Wooden Shapes & Head Works“

Massive wooden panels unfold in a radical division similar to a shining sun or exploding stars. Alfred Haberpointner (*1966 in Ebenau near Salzburg) chops and cuts not only wooden panel paintings out of spruce, walnut, cherrywood, oak, lime, ash, aspen and other kinds of wood. Moreover, the wooden panels become – adapted with colored stain – colorful illuminated surfaces. Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg shows new works of Alfred Haberpointner.

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Bertram Hasenauer – “The Pines were Tapped for Resin”

Is it a delicate glance, a sad face, a smiling glow that does NOT touch us? Bertram Hasenauer leads us astray. He paints people. People, who we believe to recognize as such and who at the same time immediately withdraw this recognition. A head tilted slightly forward reveals an ear. The smooth, dark blond, long hair is tucked behind the ear and falls onto the neck and shoulders. The hint of a soft jawline is visible, but the forehead, eyes, nose and mouth remain hidden. There, where we believe we are conceiving that which is to be viewed, is an empty, or more precisely, an abstract surface. He/she/it who stands across from us averts the face. It is not visible or simply out of the picture and it is for our own imagination to guess. Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg presents new works by Bertram Hasenauer (*1970 in Saalfelden).

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Books, so it is said, contain the soul of all times past: they form the collective memory of our society. Today, the printed book is increasingly attaining the status of a luxury object – but at the same time, it is an “anarchist among the mass media,” holding its own against incredible competition.

In order to maintain its status within the completely transformed culture of writing in the digital age, the oldest mass medium falls back on its very own qualities: books, as objects to be physically experienced, speak to a multitude of senses in their materiality – and digitally, this experience can probably never be matched completely. Apart from quality of content, this means that special attention must be devoted to the unity between script and image, to the haptic experience and a high standard of graphic design.

Exhibits are a similar case in point: they too tell stories – in multi-sensual spaces of experience – and preserve and convey knowledge. In order to evoke emotions, thoughts and ideas in an exhibit’s visitor, what is required above all is a method of display that appeals to the senses.

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