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Idea – Creation – Composition


In the beginning, there is an idea.
[In the figurative sense of a living thought which inspires an action. Or – as Sigmund Freud put it: “Thoughts are the rehearsals for actions.”]
What follows is creation.
[Creative achievements are characterized by sensitivity towards problems, fluidity of thought, flexibility of ideas and originality.]
A work is shaped – composition.


You are looking for an editor and a strategist who is also an expert in communication and publication management. You also need a consultant on scientific issues and regarding authorship, an advisor on questions of graphic and corporate design. And then you need a reliable partner for writing, corrections and proofreading… These tasks do not have to be divided among different partners or agencies: due to the breadth of my professional training and experience, I can offer you valuable support, all in one.

To this date, I have overseen the publication of about 2,000 works (books, journals, newspapers, catalogues) as the leading editor, at classical publishing houses (Orac Verlag and PVS Verleger, Vienna) in the university field (Konservatorium Wien University) and as the scientific curator of exhibits and leading dramaturge of the Salzburg Festival and Vienna’s Festwochen.

As a Consulting Editor, I offer not only advice and strategy development in the conventional sense: I am happy to take on the overall management of special projects, accompanying these from the inception of an idea to the finished product.

Apart from the creative – theoretical – solution to a problem, its implementation and practical coordination must be tackled: the elaboration – i.e. the adaptation of ideas to reality. Here too, I offer support in multiple ways. I conceive packages containing everything from consultation to strategy development (basic concept, marketing, communication measures) to comprehensive project management (for example of books or exhibition projects).

This offer is aimed mainly at arts and cultural institutions as well as publishers and media companies – typically, these include festivals, theaters and opera houses, concert presenters, art foundations, museums, galleries, universities, archives, publishing houses, editorial offices, etc.

Realizing these projects takes place either in cooperation with the institution in question, or, if desired, through external cooperation partners. I have a large network of professional partners with excellent qualifications.




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